Air Force COOL is a pathway for enlisted DAF members to earn industry recognized professional certifications, licenses to enhance their active-duty work, and to prepare them as they transition to the civilian job market.

The AF COOL is a total force enlisted program. It includes all enlisted AFSCs for RegAF, AFRES, ANG, and USSF. Funding will be provided for RegAF, USSF, AFRES, and ANG members on title 10 or title 32 (502F) active duty orders. Funding will not exceed a maximum of $4,500 per lifetime per air and space professional.


The Air Force Cool Program is a dynamic initiative that empowers Air Force personnel to enhance their professional credentials and advance their careers. This program provides a comprehensive platform for airmen to explore and pursue civilian certifications and licenses that align with their military occupations. By connecting military training and experience to relevant civilian credentials, COOL helps airmen transition smoothly into post-service careers. Through COOL, Air Force members can access information about various certifications, licensing requirements, and resources to assist them in achieving their professional goals. 


Enlisted RegAF, USSF, AFRES, and ANG component members participating in the Air Force COOL program must meet the following eligibility requirements:

  • Possess a 5-skill level in their Primary Air Force Specialty Code
  • Do not have an UIF, are not on a Control Roster, and are current on their most recent Fitness test at the time of application
  • Have a profile in AFVEC with an approved credentialing goal
  • Must obtain supervisor approval and complete the entire credential while on active duty status